B-Boy Brothers

The third title of A Place for Us is out now at bookstores! It's called B-Boy Brothers. It's about all things "B", breakdancing, beatboxing and bullying. Synopsis Malik and his friends tease Yusuf whenever they see him passing by. When Malik learns of Yusuf's talents, he feels ashamed and has a change of heart. But will Malik make a stand for Yusuf? Before this book, I knew nothing about breakdancing, and only marginally more about beatboxing. This book is based on a true story of a MINDS student that I had interviewed. His story touched me, and I felt it was important to tell his story as honestly as possible. Persons with special needs (especially the intellectually disabled) so often get

Incredibly Awesome

I had no idea National Library Board had produced a second volume of this booklist of Singaporean picture books! The first volume had listed my first title, Maxilla. This time, Stacey Goes to the Indian Heritage Centre is listed in this 2018 list! Happy to be in the company of good friends such as Ruth Wan-Lau, who edited the Stacey & the Museums series, and Leila Boukarim & Barbara Moxham. The full list can be downloaded here. #NLB #singapore

Packaging Matters: A trip down memory lane

The National Museum of Singapore has a new exhibition on called Packaging Matters. It's a small, but a impactful collection showcasing Singapore's food packaging from the early 20th century. Those of you who are old enough to remember tetrahedron milk packets would enjoy this exhibition! On opening weekend, I was invited to do some "storytelling" (it's non-fiction book!) session using my book, Timmy & Tammy Discover: Singapore Hawker Food. There will be other storytelling sessions over the next few months. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to find out when!

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