One Step At A Time

May 8, 2019

In case you're wondering how I manage to spit out one title every month for this series, it's not because I'm a highly disciplined individual who does nothing but write. I'm a great procrastinator! The ground work for this series started early last year, and before I started on it, I had a broad idea of the characters and plot lines for each of the titles in the series. Once I know the plot, the writing itself is pretty easy. I can, however, angst about the plot for ages, and I can't start writing until that is settled. Telling me to "just start writing", does not work!


This is Book 4 of A Place For Us, called One Step At A Time. This series is a collaboration with MINDS, and focuses on persons with special needs.




Vijay has his first job training and workplace experience at a famous hotel restaurant. Whenever he feels that he cannot cope with the amount of work, he reminds himself to take one step at a time. Things go well for him until an incident happens at the restaurant.  


When things get overwhelming, we do need to take one step at a time, don't we?


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