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A Place for Us


Produced with the Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and HSBC.

A Place for Us is a picture book series about persons with special needs. Drawn from real-life experiences, each story aims to build respect, empathy and acceptance in young readers.

2D cover Not So Scary After All_Lianne O
Not So Scary After All
Shortlisted, English Children's Category, POPULAR Reader's Choice Awards, 2019

Adam is afraid of dogs. One day at his friend’s house, he loses his favourite toy. Max, his friend’s pet dog, finds the toy and returns it safely to Adam. Will this help Adam overcome his fear of dogs?

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No. : 978-981-48-0775-3

I Can Help You

Eliza helps to run the school's mini mart. She enjoys helping customers and being the cashier.

When the owner of the provision shop near her home has a fall, she offers to help out at his shop. But he is doubtful she can do it.

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No. : 978-981-48-0791-3

MINDS 3 BBoyBrothers 2D cover.jpeg
B-Boy Brothers

Malik and his friends tease Yusuf whenever they see him passing by. When Malik learns of Yusuf’s talents, he feels ashamed and has a change of heart. But will Malik make a stand for Yusuf?

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No: 978-981-48-0792-0

One Step At A Time

Vijay has his first job training and workplace experience at a famous hotel restaurant. Whenever he feels that he cannot cope with the amount of work, he reminds himself to take one step at a time. Things go well for him until an incident happens at the restaurant.

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No: 978-981-48-0793-7

5 Cover He's My Brother 2D.png
He's My Brother

Zac has habits that seem different to most people. From his repetitive actions to fascination with lists, Zac often tests the patience of his elder brother, Gavin. But after watching how Zac helps two strangers while on an outing, Gavin is proud of his brother’s kindheartedness and ability to help those in need.

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No: 978-981-48-6301-8

The Artist

Ying volunteers at the neighbourhood nursing home every week. She befriends a resident, Mrs Chen, and they spend time together playing games and going for walks. Ying loves to paint and one day, she invites Mrs Chen to paint with her. But when Mrs Chen gets upset at the idea, Ying finds out why.

Armour Publishing, 2019.

ISBN No: 978-981-48-0778-4

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