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Sing A Song of Hawker Food: Humpty Dumpty & Friends Have a Singapore Hawker Feast

Sing A Song of Hawker Food Humpty Dumpty & Friends Have a Singapore Hawker Feast

By Lianne Ong & Janice Khoo
Illustrated by Chao
Supported by National Heritage Board

2nd Prize English (Children) Category, POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards 2022

The worlds of nursery rhymes and Singapore hawker food collide in this book. Dive into fractured nursery rhymes with a local twist, featuring Singapore hawker food.


Imagine Humpty Dumpty enjoying kaya toast, Jack and Jill grilling satay on a hill and the Three Blind Mice eating chicken rice at the hawker centre. Wouldn't that be a funny sight?


Cheeky illustrations highlight aspects of Singapore hawker culture that children will have fun identifying. Young readers (and not so young ones) can sing or read these hawker food rhymes and follow the familiar rhythms, while naming the well-loved hawker fare that appear in the rhymes.

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World Scientific Education, 2022.

ISBN 978-981-12-3917-5 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-981-12-4045-4 (paperback)
ISBN 978-981-12-3919-9 (ebook for institutions) ISBN 978-981-12-3984-7 (ebook for individuals)


World Scientific Education
Times Bookstores

Kinokuniya Singapore

City Book Room

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