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Circuit breaker activity: Write to me!

Hey, kids! So you're going to be at home and not at school for a while. I was wondering if you would like to send me a letter or email? I will reply with a postcard!

You can tell me

- How you are feeling while being at home

- What you ate for breakfast or lunch or dinner

- What you are doing to keep from being bored

- What you will do once school re-opens

- And most importantly, what you are reading! can write to Stacey. Now that museums are closed, Stacey is at home too. :)

I promise I will reply with a postcard (based on one of my books), so don't forget to give me your mailing address. My email or snail mail address can be found on the Contact page. You might need your parents' help with this. (Parents, just in case the postal service has delays, snap a pic of your child's letters and email it to me.)

Look forward to hearing from you!


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