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The Emperor's Gazillion New Toys

Once Upon A Green World

Written by Lianne Ong & Janice Khoo

Illustrations by Yeewearn

Published by WS Education

ISBN 978-981-12-9117-3 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-981-12-9118-0 (softcover)

The Emperor's Gazillion New Toys_edited.jpg

An emperor has an insatiable appetite for new toys. But he does not realise that his habit is creating an environmental problem, while opportunistic toy peddlers take advantage of him. A village boy exposes the problem. But will the Emperor change his ways?

All is well in the idyllic world of fairy tales, where there is always a happily ever after. However, the Little Mermaid finds herself swimming in trash, the Emperor runs into big problems with his wasteful ways, and other unusual things begin happening. Our beloved fairy tale characters help our young readers learn more about saving our Earth. Brought across in a fun and whimsical way, Once Upon a Green World: Fairy Tales with an Environmental Twist presents well-loved fairy tales, with an environmental emphasis that will tickle and entertain, while educating at the same time!


In this series:

  • A comical take on a classic tale

  • An environmental message for young readers

  • Tips on how to save the earth

Readership: Children between the ages of 3–12 years old.

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