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  • Lianne

Celebrating National Day with Stacey

On National Day, we held the first ever Stacey scavenger trail at the National Museum. We started with a book reading, which got the kids excited about exploring the museum - some of them wondered if they would find a live gibbon walking around the museum! After the reading, each child was given a clipboard, a questionnaire and a pencil. Together with their parents, the museum staff led them to the History Gallery, where all the exhibits mentioned in the book could be found.

Half the fun was in locating the correct exhibit, and then finding the right answer. The first 20 participants who submitted a correct questionnaire would win a signed copy of the book. It was quite heartening to see them take it so seriously (the parents too) and many of them were panting on their way up to the third floor, where they had to submit the answers at PLAY@NMS. Thanks to the Natonal Museum programm staff who designed the questionnaire, and organised the activity!


Full house of 40 kids in the CREATE room.


Museum staff leading the participants to the History Gallery. All the particpants wore a lanyard for easy spotting.


It's Sir Shenton Thomas! Is he winking at me?


When we first conceptualised the book, we thought it would naturally attract more girl readers than boys, but I'm happy to say, boys are equally intrigued by the story, and don't mind a girl protagonist.


Love how everyone was in red and white to celebrate National Day!

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