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Early childhood educators

In the last month, I've had the privilege of bumping into some early childhood educators at seminars and readings. Teachers who willingly put themselves in the company of pre-schoolers on a daily basis in an attempt to grow their minds and build their character is nothing short of heroic. I'm a mother, and let's just say, I often feel I need to have more off days than I'm allowed!

Here, I'd like to share about two pre-school teachers that are clearly passionately about their work. Yi Jie, who teachers at a forward-thinking child care centre in the west of Singapore, recognised me at a seminar, and shared with me that she reads the Stacey titles to her charges. She shared these encouraging words with me:

"Lianne’s books are a rare gem for our local children. When children see and read about themselves in stories, they grow up with positives ideas and images, that’s important for self-esteem. I would highly recommend teachers to use such books during shared book, circle time and have them as part of your own school resources. Above and beyond reading children’s books that often contains stereotypes and biases, Lianne’s books encourages children to connect with the story and they gain a better understanding of themselves in a multicultural society."

Please drop by Miss Yi Jie's blog on early childhood education.

At a recent story telling session, I met Alice Yap, a pre-school educator with MOE's FLAIR programme (Focus Language Assistance In Reading). She told me she had been using the Stacey titles at the pre-school centres she teaches at. Her favourite title is Stacey Goes to the Peranakan Museum. As a Peranakan herself, she creates a mini museum display for her young students with her own items such as beaded slippers, kerosang, and kebaya. As one of the follow up activities, her students are tasked to draw something from the display or from her personal collection of books on Peranakan culture. Here are some photos she shared with me.

Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum

(Photos above courtesy of Alice Yap.)

Thank you, Yi Jie and Alice, for reminding me why I write! :)

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