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He's My Brother

Book 5 of 6 from A Place for Us is out! It's called He's My Brother.

He's My Brother by Lianne Ong

This title shines a light on siblings of special needs children. These typically developing siblings usually bear a tremendous burden and have their own unique struggles. Feelings of love, exasperation, fatigue, affection and envy get mixed up and become difficult to articulate. I'm indebted to the siblings who shared their stories with me while I was conducting research for this story.

He's My Brother is about two brothers Zac and Gavin. Zac has habits that seem different to most people. From his repetitive actions to fascination with lists, Zac often tests the patience of his elder brother, Gavin. But after watching how Zac helps two strangers while on an outing, Gavin is proud of his brother’s kindheartedness and ability to help those in need.

I'm particularly pleased with the illustrations. Nic has captured Zac's expressions perfectly. And yes, Zac is deliberately not smiling on the cover. I also like the realistic illustrations of our local scenes, like the MRT station and Botanic Gardens stop.

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