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  • Lianne

My latest publication ... and it's not a book!

Following the announcement of Singapore’s hawker culture making it onto UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list, I’m celebrating in more than one way. Super excited to share with you my latest publication. It’s not a book (yet) but something totally different!

I collaborated with reusable silicone dining mat retailer Busy Mat and together with my writer pal, Janice Khoo, we wrote “fractured” nursery rhymes - Singapore hawker themed rhymes to be precise! The mats are a set of 4 and join up to form a hawker centre table. They can be coloured in using the special markers and erased - it's the perfect non-screen entertainment at the dining table (or hawker centre!)

This is also a collaboration on other fronts - curated sets from the felt play food business that my mother and I have, Heartfelt Makan, and my book, Timmy & Tammy Discover: Singapore Hawker Food will be sold as add-ons with the mats!

Head on over to Busy Mat website to order!


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