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Thots n Tots:
Thots n Tots is a site dedicated to children, related issues and book reviews.
In this interview, Lianne offers insight on her experience with museums, their importance, and Stacey's universal appeal.
Life is in the Small Things:

"As Stacey journeys through the museum, she encounters some of the Treasures of the National Museum and ends up at Play@NMS. I think it is a good initial introduction to the museum for the little ones, and a good read to pick up just before a museum visit. I particularly love the illustrations by James Tan as he manages to incorporate a wonderful amount of detail into his drawings and yet keep the style of the artwork simple and appealing to children."

Owls Well Blogs:
"The story is straightforward and simple to read, and shows off museum exhibits that may capture a child’s imagination and spark their interest in local history. What makes this book really stand out for me are the beautiful illustrations by James Tan, which showcases the museum’s collection with just a little bit of distorted perspective that comes with looking at them through the eyes of a child.

Fan-made trailer by Owls Well Blogs!


Featured in...

Young Parents March 2015

Princess Magazine June 2014

Beanstalk (NLB newsletter)

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