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Mediacorp (Tamil):


As part of Singapore's SG50 outreach, First Lady Mary Tan presented a donation of 300 Singapore-themed books to the National Library of India under the National Library Board of Singapore's SG50 Gift of Books project. The books include topics on Singapore's biodiversity, history, economic development, literature, and arts and culture. We are so proud that Stacey Goes to the Peranakan Museum is one of the books! 


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Lil Blue Bottle:


"32 pages of full colour illustrations and an easy to read font meant that six year old K loved it. [...] Bringing museum art appreciation into a book is wonderful, and I’m glad Lianne Ong has embarked on doing so for our very own museums, which are national treasures in themselves. [...] One always feels that bit closer to a story, when it’s written by a compatriot! [...] When I asked K, she said she enjoyed “the story” and “the pictures” – understated, but truly the essence of a book I suppose!"

The Pleasure Monger:

"I think the book is an excellent platform to introduce the Peranakan culture to children, especially when Lianne takes bits and bobs of the exhibits and weaves them into a fantasy where a statue takes Stacey through the museum! I see it as the perfect guidebook for children to navigate and relate the content to the exhibits in the museum [...] We can’t wait for the third book in the series to be released; [...] another excellent children’s guidebook to one of Singapore’s other museums."

Life is in the small things:
"[...] I thought this book provided a good introduction to the museum, a taster of some of the highlights and served as a guidebook to help children relate to the exhibits. I again also really loved the illustrations by James Tan, which captured the look of the museum and the exhibits in a manner that was recognisable and also appealing to children."
A Pancake Princess:


"David pounced on it with glee and immediately began flipping through its beautifully illustrated pages. [...] I’m glad to introduce the boy to this unique part of his heritage, because we, too, are part of this culture."

Owls Well:


"This is a really great book that not only introduces the Peranakan Museum and it’s [sic] highlights, but gives some easy to read information about Peranakan culture. (...)

I really love the detailed illustrations by James Tan, and it really is such a treat to be able to read the book to the kids, and then see their reaction once they reach the museum and recognise the things that they see in the pictures."

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