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Suggested activities for Stacey Goes to the National Museum


While reading

Activities that can be done during the reading - suitable for younger children.
  1. Play 'Eye Spy': Find the 11 different pages in which the gibbon appears!

  2. On each page, describe what the exhibits (if any) depict.

Scavenger hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt at the National Museum of Singapore!
  1. Download and print out the PDF file of the list of items in the National Museum of Singapore.

  2. Bring it along with you on your next visit and have fun!


Budding curator
Create your own museum without having to step out of the house! Suitable for older children.
  1. Together with your child, discuss what qualities an item needs to possess in order to be preserved in a museum.

  2. Based on the discussion, select certain items in your house of great significance. For instance: wedding photos, your child's first piece of art, their favourite book.

  3. Do a writeup on these items and have fun creating your own exhibits! You can even create themed 'galleries' like Wedding, First Experiences, Everyday items if there are sufficient items.

  4. Take a photo of your hard work before returning the objects to their original positions!

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