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  • Lianne

An unexpected interview

Jeremiah Seow_edited.JPG

During the June holidays, I was interviewed by a Primary 6 student, Jeremiah Seow. He had met me at the Kinokuniya reading of Stacey Goes to the National Museum, and asked if he could interview me for his year long school project. It was clear that he was much older than the target age group for my book, so he hastily explained what his project was about. He was researching the popularity of local authors vis a viz foreign authors and the reasons behind it. I was most impressed by his impeccable grammar and proper manners.

During our interview, he asked many thoughtful questions. I'm glad someone young is looking into publishing and I'm sure I will see his name on the bookstore shelves one day! Grateful for such opportunities to meet with people I would otherwise not have a chance to talk to.

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