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  • Lianne

First award...ever!

At this year's Asian Festival of Children's Content, I was invited to attend the award ceremony night. At the ceremony, awards for the Samsung Kidstime Author's Award were going to be given out along with the Scholastic Book Awards. The cryptic invitation email that was sent said that winners would only be announced on the night itself... I wasn't sure what that meant for me. I mean, I never win anything ever - not even the supermarket lucky draw! Well, the dear husband was sweet enough to accompany me. If nothing happened, it was going to be our date night!

And the good news is... Stacey Goes to the National Museum and Stacey Goes to the Peranakan Museum received a Second Prize (merit) award! One of thirty two merit awards, I should add. But hey, I was pretty amazed that it got some recognition! Plus I'm truly honoured to be listed among some pretty awesome works by other Asian authors.

What does this award mean? The books will be digitised and put on the Samsung Kidstime platform. At first I thought this just meant converting the hardcopy book into a plain old e-book, but no, it was even better than that. I went for the talk at AFCC by Samsung's Head of Learning, Gerald Cai and their e-book developer, Sondre Bjørnebekk of, and was totally blown away by how elegant e-books have become. (Side note: I've been downloading only freebie books for the kids, hence bombarded by cheaply produced ones!)

For the full list of winners, click here.

So I'm really looking forward to seeing how Stacey will come alive in an e-book. Stay tuned!

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