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Thank you, Samsung!

Maxilla by Lianne Ong Lim Shing Ee

Maxilla is one of the Second Prize Winners in this year's Samsung Kidstime Author's Award. (This is the same award that Stacey #1 and Stacey #2 received last year.) Maxilla will always be special to me because it's my very first picture book, and of course, it's a story about my son. Special thanks to MPH Group Publishing for starting this journey! At the awards ceremony yesterday at the Asian Festival of Children's Content, I met the lovely Emily Lim, who happened to be talking to my editor. Before I had sent Maxilla's manuscript to MPH many moons ago, I had written to Emily to ask for advice. She was the author of my children's favourite picture book, Prince Bear & Pauper Bear. I also knew she was an MGS alum, so I decided to pen her an email, not sure if she would every reply. She did, and replied with detailed advice on how to get started. It was very apt to finally meet her!

I'm also glad that I got to work with an old and very talented friend, Shing, on this first foray into children's books. Shing is also half the brains behind design house, Monocircus, which designs quirky 3D printed jewellery. Check our their store at!

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