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Launch of Not So Scary After All

It's been a super exciting last few days! The launch of Not So Scary After All took place on 14 February 2019 at MINDS Fernvale Gardens and it was picked up by local media! I'm putting precious photos and media links here, just so I can remember all the amazing things that happened. Not So Scary After All featured therapy dogs, and I was so pleased that Therapy Dogs Singapore were in attendance. We also celebrated the special collaboration between MINDS Fernvale Gardens and Fernvale Primary School. I thought it was very meaningful when MINDS gifted a set of the books to FPS' library.

I'm especially grateful for the feedback that I received on the stories and the illustrations. It really has been affirming for me, because I had moments of doubt as I was writing the stories about how far to push certain issues.

As I said in my speech that day, this series is first and foremost for the students of MINDS. But more than that, I hope it will reach young children from mainstream schools, and open their hearts and minds to children with special needs.

Online articles:

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